As an incentive to retain customers and as a way of rewarding repeat custom I have set up a Loyalty Points Scheme.

Points are awarded based on the value of an order and can be redeemed on future orders.


The current rate of reward is:

Every qualifying £1 spent is rewarded with 10 Loyalty Points

(The qualifying value of your order is for the goods only part of your order and does not include delivery charges)

100 Loyalty points will earn a £1 saving on an order


If you spend £10 on an order you’ll be rewarded with 100 Loyalty Points, you can cash these points in on your next order and earn a £1 discount off this next order.


I can only operate, reward and honour these points if you create an account to which I awards the point to. These points are stored on your account and will become available next time you log in to place another new order. This is not a ploy to get hold of your details and sell them to my local PPI cold calling company, or bombard you with emails – but the only way the scheme can work. If you are concerned about what happens to your data when you sign up then please read my privacy policy.


This is also a new concept for the company and something I’ve recently introduced, so there may be (but I hope not) some teething problems with the settings, if so please let me know so that I can look into it. I am an electrician whose started a business selling electrical installation materials and NOT a website coding programmer, although I try my best!

I should also state that I do reserve the right to withdraw the scheme at any time without notice or change the currency value of the points without warning.