Besides wholesale sourcing, supply and delivery of industry related products we can also undertake bespoke custom conduit fabrication to any specification, whether that be simple pre cut and threaded tube to specific lengths or custom fabrication and assembly to an engineers or architects drawings.

Having conduit assemblies manufactured off site using automated machinery can be a cost saving process by reducing site labour, equipment and materials wastage.

Please see the examples below of recent projects undertaken:


…Electrical Ironmongery supplies 763 metres of 25mm Galvanised Conduit Tube, pre fabricated into 350 sections to 24-7 Group for the 2nd phase of the Vulcan Mill development, Manchester…

Back in May 2018, Steve Bignall, Contracts Manager at 24/7 Group, rang to enquire if we’d be able to undertake the supply, pre fabrication and delivery of 350 lengths of 25mm galvanised conduit for use in the formation of pre cast concrete walling for the 2nd phase of the Vulcan Mill residential development in Manchester. This included the cutting and threading to length of two differing sets of lengths and fabrication of the ends to form a BESA box entry at one end and combinations of either a single or double switch/socket outlet back box at the other end. The boxes needed to sit a specific depth within the concrete and we were supplied with architect’s drawings for clarity and from which to base our quotation.

We were initially invited to tender for the supply of the pre cut and threaded conduit but, after receiving this price, Steve asked us to quote for the full fabrication of all 350 sections. We also needed to consider the fact that all end box sections needed to be stuffed with a foam infill and wrapped to prevent the ingress of any concrete during the pouring process. Clear and concise labelling of all sections was necessary to prevent any confusion at the pre casting factory.

Developing a mini proto-type from architects drawings for approval
Developing a mini proto-type from architects drawings for approval

We worked with one of our trusted suppliers METPRO to establish a really competitive price for, (in our opinion), the best quality materials on the market and then calculated a labour charge for the workshop fabrication element, including use of our automated threading equipment. Delivery was also costed to incorporate a quality ‘jigsaw like’ pack of the 1.5 tonne 350 part consignment onto our transport and a two man unloading team at delivery point.

Part way through fabrication


Loaded and ready to go…

Our price for the full job was accepted to include delivery by us direct to the precast concrete manufacturers premises. We were able to complete the job in the tight 2 week schedule from the arrival of materials to required delivery date on site. Steve conducted a quality assessment site visit down to us in North Devon 3 days into the project and left very happy with what he saw.

Delivered to the pre cast concrete contractor










The project was delivered on time and on budget.

A few weeks after delivery Steve got back in touch with the following feedback:

“The concrete casting firm have been in touch to say that they are extremely pleased and impressed with the quality of what you have made up for the job. This feedback reflects well on 24-7 as a company, and for that we are very grateful to you. After my visit down to you I did tell quite a few people that I was so impressed with what you were putting together for us.

So a thank you from all of us at 24-7 for your excellent work! We are looking forward to dealing with you again!”

Steve Bignall – Contracts Manager, 24-7 Group 

It was a pleasure to be asked to undertake this work and we look forward to being of service to Steve in the future.



Another client recently got in touch to enquire as to whether we could fabricate 400 x 150mm long 25mm diameter lengths of class 4 galvanised conduit with a brass female bush fitted at each end.

These were to be used as a solution for providing an intumescent cable passage through walls of a student accommodation construction project in Coventry.

Pre fabricated tube to provide intumescent cable runs through walls

Again the timeframe was tight but the consignment was delivered in 3 batches, to enable them to be installed as soon as possible. The order was again delivered to the pre agreed schedule and on budget.

The client also received a volume based discount for this order.






If you have a similar (or very different) project, large or small, even one small cut length, involving conduit or any metal electrical products, supply, fabrication or delivery (or all three!) please don’t hesitate to email me (Chris Barstow):


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